About Us

MY SEARCH COACH is made up of top professional recruiters and experienced business professionals who know what hiring mangers are looking for and how to get you noticed, interviewed, and hired!  We have extensive experience on both sides of the hiring desk.  We have years of experience in the business world as the managers doing the hiring, so we know what makes a candidate stand out from the crowd and get noticed.  And, as professional recruiters, we coach our candidates on the techniques to use to get their resume into the hand of the right person, and to help get you the job.

With the job market continuing to be tight, you need an edge to get yourself noticed!  MY SEARCH COACH will help you get your resume polished up and ready to go, but the big question is “where do you go from there?”  The days of posting your resume on one of the big job sites and waiting for a phone call are long over.  And applying to a company’s job posting can just get your resume into a huge pile of competition.

We teach you the ways to get around the pile and into the hands of the Hiring Manager.  We will discuss advanced methods of resume preparation, the top techniques to network with the right people in your target company, sites and groups you can use to interact with people in your industry, and so much more.   MY SEARCH COACH will get you noticed!