Package 1: Full Review and Consultation

reviewandconsultationOur full review and consultation package is our best value, and a complete roadmap to get you out there interviewing for your next position.  We use our many years as both Hiring Managers and Professional Recruiters to get your resume polished up, teach you how to get it noticed, and most importantly, how to get around the job boards and get connected directly with the right people.  This package includes:

  • A complete review of your current resume and tips to improve the content, wording, layout, mission statement, length, and keywords contained in it.
  • Resume templates that you can use to re-design your resume and make it sharper.  Our database of thousands of templates means that we have the right template for you to use.
  • A 30-minute live phone consultation with one of our SEARCH COACHES.  During this call, we will learn about you, what you are looking for, and we will teach you how to go get it.  Topics discussed include job networking and how to use social media, networking sites in your industry, groups you can join in your industry, how to connect with the Hiring Manager before they see your resume, the best ways to use technology to get you noticed, and SO much more.  We listen, advise, COACH, and send you out there with right tools to get you noticed.
  • Follow-ups- Your SEARCH COACH will continue to be available to work with you via e-mail as you go through the process to provide career coaching and guidance along the way.

Price – $249


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