Welcome to My Search Coach

Our concept is simple. You need to make a career change, and we are experienced at helping people to successfully do just that. Whether you are making this change on your own, or being forced to by an unfortunate event, changing jobs in the middle of your career can be a time filled with lots of stress. And if you haven’t done it for a while, you will see that the way jobs are filled these days is very different than in years past.

Getting an edge in your job search is very much about “who you know”. MY SEARCH COACH believes that maximizing your network of contacts can greatly increase your ability to not only get you noticed, but can help to land you the job. We tech you the techniques needed to make that happen. MY SEARCH COACH offers several services. First, we will help you get your resume in order, and help make it stand out from the competition. Even in today’s online based job search market, the resume remains a huge tool to get your name and qualifications noticed. We offer a resume review service, thousands of resume templates that you can follow to get yours polished up, and we will help develop a strategy to get it out there and noticed! We are not a resume writing service, and with no disrespect to the many good writing services out there, we feel that with a little coaching, you can write or makeover your resume on your own. And save a few bucks in the process.

The true value of MY SEARCH COACH is in our search consultation service. In this full service package, we will review your resume, help you to polish it up, and provide resume templates for you to use. You will also have a 30 minute conversation with one of our SEARCH COACHes to teach you how to get the resume noticed, into the right hands, and to get you out there interviewing for your next opportunity.Our coaches are very non-corporate, easy to talk to, and maybe even a little fun! And all of our calls include follow-ups. We want to know how you are doing in your search, and if you need us, we will be here for you!

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